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„The Daniel and St. John Apocalypse’’

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The word "Apocalypse" originally comes from the Greek and means Disclosure or Revelation, depending on the translation. Regrettably, the "Apocalypse" is nowadays almost exclusively associated with the destructive end of the world. But originally the revelation of the divine plan stood in the foreground, in which it should become clear, how the world history will evolve to the Last Judgment and beyond. This includes far-reaching information about the Last Judgment and the revelation of creative revelatory knowledge as well as the pending personal salvation of the individual.

From the 8th to the 14th century, some particularly fascinating book paintings or picture cycles to the biblical "Apocalypse" were created, especially in the monasteries of the early middle ages, who illustrates the traditional content of the biblical books of Daniel and St. John in a unique way.

The actual power of the secret imagery in late-antiquity and early middle age is still an often underestimated and central source of inspiration and innovation, to be made accessible for the first time through heuristic image analyzes and a special methodology.

Building on this new approach, and the breaking of the seals at the end of times, a large number of the hitherto hidden messages are to be revealed in the apocalyptic books of Daniel and St. John, which extend informations far personal living, working and living areas and beyond.

Already in my first eBook "The End of the Times", by Berthold Jerg, fundamentally new knowledge, paired with innumerable new insights that reach back to early Christianity and far beyond, could be discovered through corresponding image analyzes of the paintings in the Sistine Chapel. This newly decoded treasure of knowledge therefore also forms the important basic understanding of my second eBook "The Daniel and St. John Apocalypse".

An earth-shattering eBook with sensational revelations, designed to allow readers never before glimpsed insights into the secrets of the Daniel and St. John "Apocalypse", which were sealed up to this day is in preparation.