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„The St. John Apocalypse’’

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From the 8th to the 14th century some particularly fascinating book paintings or cycles of illustrations emerged, especially in the monasteries of the early middle ages which illustrate the Apocalypse and the revelation of St. John in a unique way. Of great importance are the image languages of the artists implied in the images, which are to be decrypted for the first time by means of heuristic image analyzes in order to achieve a new image perception of the content, since a picture is known to say more than 1.000 words.

The actual power of image contents in luxury manuscripts of the late antiquity and early middle age is still an underrated central source of inspiration and allows innovative insights, that can be decrypted by heuristic image analyzes and a new specific methodology. Requirement for a systematic decoding of iconographies is the digital image processing of our time. Based on the newly applied methodology and the breaking of the seals in the last chapter of the Bible, the Apocalypse of St. John, secret messages can be discovered and unprecedented knowledge about the coded messages of the Apocalypse ca be found, far out of our lives, work and living areas and beyond. A fascinating eBook with sensational revelations, that allows readers to gain insights into the great secrets of the St. John Apocalypse, is in creation process.

Already in my first eBook „The End of the Times” heuristic image analyzes of the paintings in the Sistine Chapel revealed countless news on all Christianity. This newly decoded source of knowledge therefore forms also the basis of my second eBook „The St. John Apocalypse”.